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Why You Need To Validate Your Email Lists

Since more than 72% consumers opt for emails as their preferred means of business communication, validating email addresses benefits your email marketing campaigns by improving the deliverability and open rates. It protects your sender reputation. The higher your reputation, the higher your deliverability. Better deliverability definitely means more successful campaigns, better market reach and higher ROI!


Ensure the data is accurate and updated, anytime.

Single Email Verify

Validate individual email addresses of your client base in real-time using our unique single email verifier to prevent email bounces.

Bulk Email Verify

Verify your entire email address list or set of email lists by opting for our efficient bulk email validator tool to remove redundant data.

Extract and Verify

Extract emails from large data sets easily and verify them using our email extractor tool and make the most of the data you have collated.

Periodic Verify

Utilize our proficient email checker to prospect and keep your customer email lists free of errors with our periodic email list verification.

Your challenge to maintain a clean email list, is perhaps over.

How it works

Prove that you have real people working for you, with some nice looking profile pictures and links to social media.

Syntax validation

Fully cleans your email list from email addresses with syntax errors.

domain validation

Marks all the emails containing inactive or invalid domains.

mailbox checker

Validates the existence of MX records for every email address.

email bounce checker

Identifies and tells you which emails will bounce and thus are not safe to send.

catch all validation

Checks for domains that are catch-all, which return valid for all emails.


The address is DNS verified to check if  mail server is attached to receive mail

spam trap remover

Our email verifier tool removes all address identified as a spam trap

global compatibilty

We validate emails of all types and all major providers from anywhere in the world.

We Guarantee

- Our highly function email validator guarantees:

  • Better Deliverability
  • Data Security
  • Highest Accuracy
  • Personalized Support
  • Affordable Prices

Look up all emails from a Single Domain

About Us

Simple Email Verification

All you require to maintain a clean & updated email list

TrueVerifier was established with the sole aim to validate email data to help companies reduce losses caused by redundant, temporary or invalid records. Working through a comprehensive process of building and maintaining a sophisticated email verification system, we provide a variety of validation tools that include single email verifier, bulk email verifier and email extractor. Plus, use our exclusive premium validation services to navigate even the most difficult of email servers with highest accuracy!

We constantly strive to enhance our email verifier techniques, and improve our services in order to offer you an efficient bulk email verification system to verify email address lists online. Whether you are an email marketer or an email list broker, we help you reinvent your marketing campaigns by providing authentic and verified email lists that will surely help boost your profit score!


Checks for the syntax.


Verifies the domain exists.


Check CATCH ALL enabled.


Identify gibberish emails.

Your chance to validate emails and maintain correct emails

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